Residential at
Nurture Childcare Services Ltd

Residential Care That Gives Young People a Voice

Nurture Childcare has seven residential homes for young people aged 10-17 who need a safe, nurturing environment in which to learn and thrive.

Staffed by highly qualified and experienced teams who care, the homes offer a family-oriented atmosphere for young people from a variety of challenging backgrounds.

They receive expert care and guidance to fulfil their potential for positive change regardless of their circumstances.

We promote and celebrate their individuality while remaining sensitive and responsive to their changing social, emotional, medical, spiritual and psychological needs.

The space and support to grow

A Family Approach

All our homes, located in rural Lancashire, are furnished and maintained to exacting standards. All bedrooms are
private (some have en-suite bathrooms), the communal living areas are comfortable and welcoming,
and there’s plenty of outdoor space.

We encourage our residents to decorate their rooms to reflect their personalities and interests.
During their stay with us, this is their home.

A Team Approach

We want the very best for every young person who needs our expert help.

Working as a team, home managers, senior management, support workers and our education coordinator have close
and meaningful partnerships with social workers, schools, health workers and families.

This creates a genuinely nurturing and integrated family of specialists for every individual.
A bespoke care plan supports and encourages our young people to:

Achieve self-esteem through recognition, achievement and praise
Recognize and celebrate their uniqueness, worth and sense of self
Enhance their life and social skills
Develop coping strategies
Understand and show awareness of personal, social and health issues
Cope with and embrace the fluctuating emotions of personality
Appreciate the importance of learning and their education
Respect the dignity of those around them
Approach new experiences as positive opportunities
Understand and deal with the consequences of their actions
Pursue their interests and hobbies

A Specialist Approach

Our residential services specialise in offering innovative and dynamic programmes in areas including:

Sexual exploitation
Sexually harmful behaviour
Substance abuse
Offending behaviours
Emotional behavioural difficulties

Nurture Childcare works tirelessly to equip every young person with the skills
and self-confidence they need to either return to their family or progress to semi-independent or
independent living.

Young people leave our care feeling safe, positive and rewarded
They’re ready to take their first step