Supported & Solo
Nurture Childcare Services Ltd

Support to Prepare for Independent Living

Our semi-independent housing units in Lancashire are specifically designed for 16-18-year-olds who need intensive support

before entering adulthood.

Our multi-occupancy houses and solo units all provide a safe, nurturing environment to ease the transition into independent living.

Staffed 24 hours a day by teams who care, we work hard to replicate a home lifestyle.

We are specifically trained to deal with our young people’s complex needs and challenging behaviours.

Young people are taught essential life skills under expert guidance and encouraged to pursue their education,

training and employment goals.

Empowering young people to enter adulthood with confidence.

A Bespoke Approach

Every young person in our supported housing is treated as an individual. We have great passion for their potential.

Bespoke support packages ensure they each receive the most suitable level of support for their needs.

We’ll set up a solo home if they can’t live with others, we’ll provide two support workers if one isn’t enough.

We work closely with local authorities to arrange the most suitable placement, closest to the

location that best suits their individual needs.

We’ll do everything we can to give them more than just a helping hand.

A Holistic Approach

Adolescence is a difficult time. Preparing to leave care at this age can be daunting.

Nurture Childcare takes a holistic view of this challenge: we look after the educational, social, health and emotional
development needs of those approaching adulthood.

We offer online training courses in employability skills ranging from food hygiene to first aid, can set up work
placements with local businesses and encourage voluntary work to boost CVs, skills and confidence.

Nurture Childcare is an essential part of our young people’s support network. Working side-by-side
with social workers, leaving care teams and other professionals, we craft structured packages
in stimulating environments.

A Practical Approach

Becoming ‘life-ready’ means plenty of practical support, including showing our residents how to budget
and how to complete household chores: all with the aim of preparing them for adulthood.

While under Nurture Childcare’s wing, our young people learn how to cook, plan meals and eat healthily, clean and care
for a house, budget, pay bills, open a bank account, schedule appointments and activities,
and access benefits and social housing.

Weekly job workshops show them how to tackle job applications, interviews and CV writing.
And weekly DIY workshops teach essential domestic skills such as changing a lightbulb or fuse, painting and decorating,
using basic tools and turning off a water supply.

If, once they turn 18, they can prove they’re capable of running their own home we can
also discuss them taking over the tenancy.

Individuals leave Nurture Childcare feeling positive and empowered.
They’re ready to play their part in the world.