Our Culture at
Nurture Childcare Services Ltd

Passionate About Positive Change

Nurture Childcare has a strong reputation for providing bespoke, child-centred care packages that offer quality and value for money.

We are genuinely committed to making a difference for every young person. When they’re with us, we are their family.

Our vision is based around everyone working closely together to help our young people grow, flourish and thrive:

Proactive: specialist guidance and support in a protective environment
Trustworthy: a safe, respectful and consistent approach to care
Ambitious: a passionate team with high aspirations for our young people
Committed: a belief that every young person can reach their potential from the starting point they’ve been given
Motivated: to equip them with the confidence and opportunities needed to live a happy, fulfilled life
Dedicated: to finding exactly the right accommodation for each child that is referred to us

Specialist Trained Staff Who Care

Our team is driven to achieve the very best for each young person who needs our expert help.

We insist on extensive staff training. It is essential to our ethos of giving outstanding professional care and exceeding all
industry requirements.

Our training programmes ensure every member of our team has the important skills and tools necessary to manage
challenging behaviours, keep our residents safe and guide them towards a brighter future.

Bespoke Support in a Home Environment

Nurture Childcare treats all our residents as individuals. When we receive a new referral, we build a bespoke,
personal package every time.

We can offer 3-1 support instead of 2-1 support for especially complex needs, and seek expertise and skills via external professional
services to ensure the best care possible.

These include drug and alcohol counselling, careers advice, sexual health guidance, mental health support and
youth offending prevention services.

And we can set up a solo home tailored to a particular young person’s needs, complete with carefully
sourced furniture and equipment to make it feel like a real home.

The quality of our accommodation is very important to us: we would never place a young person in a home that
we wouldn’t live in ourselves.

Instead, we can guarantee that our properties are bright, welcoming and clean, staffed by fully trained and qualified care experts.

Each one is designed and run to make our residents feel safe, secure and supported.